15 Hot Pics Of Sheeva Rana That You Should Check Out

The hot and sexy actress-cum-model Sheeva Jyothi Rana made her acting debut with Purani Kabar in 1998. The Rajasthani born actress then was seen in many films and is also part of Alt Balaji’s Gandiibaat 3 web series.

With more than 1M followers on her Instagram, she entertains her fans with some hot and sizzling pics of her. When she does a hot photoshoot, the pics go viral on the internet. She is such a hot sensation!

So, we bring you the 15 hottest pics of this actress.

Sheeva Rana hot pics

1. Lalit Bisht and Sheeva Rana’s hot make-out session in Gandiibaat 3. Unfortunately, this scene was leaked on the internet before the release of the web series. Whatever, she looks absolutely hot and sexy in this bra.

Lalit Bisht and Sheeva Rana's sex scene in Gandiibaat 3

2. Sheeva Rana looks hot and sultry in this bikini photoshoot

Sheeva Rana Bikini photoshoot

3. Sheeva Rana rocks the blue bikini. What say?

Sheeva Rana in blue bikini

4. The pokiri movie actress looks hot and sizzling in this pose. Yay or Nay?

Sheeva Rana hot

5. Sheeva Rana poses in a black bra.

Sheeva Rana in black bra

6. Sheeva Rana’s sultry pose. A photoshoot can’t get hotter than this.

Sheeva Rana hot photoshoot

7. Sheeva Rana’s love for blue is never ending.

Sheeva Rana in blue bikini

8. Sheeva Rana in workout mode. This hottie workouts well to maintain her well toned body.

Sheeva Rana hot pic

9. Sheeva Rana, who is a model by profession ditched her bra and dared to pose braless for a photoshoot.

Sheeva Rana's braless pic

10. This seductive pose of Sheeva Rana in a golden bikini is making us drool all over her.

Sheeva Rana in golden bikini

11. This time, not a bra but she ditched the whole top. Sheeva Rana’s topless pose!

Sheeva Rana topless

12. Looks Hoooot! This pic is the reason why most people follow her and browse her Instagram account.

Sheeva Rana hot

13. Sheeva Rana sizzles in a white panty!

Sheeva Rana in white panty

14. Sheeva can look hot even in a casual pose.

Sheeva Rana flaunting her cleavage

15. Sheeva Rana in red bikini posing for a photoshoot is too hot to handle! The reason why her pics go viral on social media.

Sheeva Rana in red bikini



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