5 Times Hollywood Beauty Salma Hayek Revealed A Bit Too Much

The American-Mexican film actress Salma Hayek worked in many Hollywood films and is one of the most popular Hollywood actresses. Born in Mexico, she moved to Hollywood in 1991 and from then on she worked in many films and that brought her more and more fame.

This Mexican hottie had some, “too much revealing” moments. Sometimes she revealed a bit too much intentionally and sometimes unintentionally and here are 5 of those moments:

Salma Hayek flashes her butt

While shooting for a scene for the film How to Make Love Like an Englishman, the actress unintentionally flashed her butt as the window blew up her skirt.

Salma Hayek flashes her butt in a beach

We don’t think this is an embarrassing moment for her. She bared her bare butt in the film Some Kind Of Beautiful (yup! She didn’t even wear a panty).

Salma barely misses during a photoshoot

Salma Hayek holds onto her breasts in a wet strapless black dress. She barely missed a wardrobe malfunction while stepping out of the pool.

Salma Hayek holds her breasts while coming out of the pool
Salma Hayek wardrobe Malfunction

Salma almost showed off her boobs (almost)

Salma Hayek showed off too much of her cleavage in a low cut white dress. Don’t you think it’s a lot to reveal? Well, she doesn’t care and aced the dress with style.

Salma hayek's boobs show

Salma Hayek goes braless

Going braless isn’t a big deal for Hollywood actresses and you can see her braless appearances on her Instagram account. But still, this pic revealed a lot! What say?

A braless pic of Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek in a plunging Bavarian dress

Salma made a guest appearance on a German television programme and the dirndl with a plunging neckline that she wore for the programme didn’t do the job well. It looks as if her breasts almost popped out from the dress. Thank god nothing embarrassing happened although she revealed a lot.

Salma Hayek's cleavage in a plunging Bavarian dress



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