17 Hot And Sexy Pics Of Bengali Actress Kamalika Chanda

Actress Kamalika Chanda is famous for her bold performances in movies like Miss Teacher and in web series like Red Panty, and Rosgulla.

In 2015 she rose to fame with the controversial movie “She” in which she played the role of Pinki Pramanik, an Asian Games gold medallist accused of rape. The film also stars Rajesh Sharma and Raja Benerjee.

In Miss Teacher (an erotic thriller)’, the actress played the role of a nymphomaniac teacher who seduces her students into sleeping with her. And the film features Kamalika’s lesbian kissing and some topless intimate scenes with her co-star.

Along with working in MX Players Mastram, she worked in multiple adult web series’. Check out these 17 hot pics of the Kolkata born Bengali beauty Kamalika Chanda:

Kamalika Chanda flaunting her cleavage in black
hot and sexy pic of Kamalika Chanda
Kamalika Chanda shows cleavage in pink
Kamalika Chanda flaunts her cleavage in black
pretty in pink
Kamalika Chanda hot pic
Kamalika Chanda's hot water show
Kamalika Chanda's hot water show
Kamalika in saree
Kamalika Chanda in pink bra
Kamalika Chanda shows her cleavage in a selfie
Kamalika Chanda's sexy pic
Kamalika Chanda sizzles in a bikini
Kamalika Chanda looks sexy in saree
Kamalika Chanda in MIss Teacher
Kamalika Chanda in red bra

And it’s a wrap!


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